Michael Alan


Capturing images of strength & sport

Drawing inspiration from the portrayal of Ancient Greek athleticism to Michelangelo's high Italian renaissance sculptures, Michael Alan Photography specializes in the timeless archetype of the male form.

Fine Art

Latest Work

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A collaborative creative experience

My favorite part of working with a wide range of models is the opportunity to find each person's unique look and develop a creative rapport with them.

A studio located in the heart of Downtown Sacramento

A full-service commercial studio

Our 2,500+ sqft facility, in partnership with XSIGHT, includes two private studios with an industrial vibe featuring a wide range of amenities, including an on-site kitchen, clothing racks and private changing areas, and reception areas to keep our clients, partners, models, and collaborators well-supported and at their inspired best!

State of the art equipment

Technophiles at heart, we love to use equipment that was built with the same passion and attention to detail that we put into our art, including Canon R5 mirrorless cameras and a wide range of L-glass lenses include Mike's personal favorite — a 50mm prime.

Preview Theater

Our 10-seat theater room is perfect for creative collaboration and review of  photoshoots and/or presentation of final images, including collaboration with agency partners. Our 4K display is regularly color-calibrated and provides stunning yet accurate profiles for digital distribution, film, and print.

The journey began 10 years ago

Michael Alan specializes in capturing the athletic male form. With a passion for photography and an eye for detail, Michael has developed a unique aesthetic that showcases the strength and beauty of the male physique.

He works with models of all levels, from seasoned professionals to aspiring amateurs, and his images aim to be striking, evocative, and full of energy. Whether he is shooting on location or in the studio, Michael's goal is to create images that inspire and captivate his audience.

Through his work, he hopes to celebrate the power and grace of the male body, and to push the boundaries of traditional portraiture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to do a shoot?

We book either a 2-hour shoot for $995 or a 4-hour/half-day shoot for $1,500. This includes 3-8 looks and can include outdoor shots as well, weather permitting. Available styles include standard headshots, fitness, fashion, and fine art similar to those pictured on this site. Shooting fees are all-inclusive, and will result in 4-20 finished production-ready portrait images delivered via Dropbox within 3 business days.

What is the shooting experience like?

Fun! Even if you have limited modeling experience, Michael excels at creating a collaborative and relaxed atmosphere. We'll send ideas for looks in advance, help you choose which clothes to bring (and have a wide selection for you to wear from our brand affiliates), and provide detailed instructions on how to prepare. Get ready to rock out to music, see preview images on the camera throughout with real-time feedback, and bring your own ideas to try! We'll work with you to create images that you love.

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